Being Fruitful Part 1

We are designed to be fruitful. So, anyone that is thinking about being with God in eternity must thus be thinking about working for God.

The Power Of The Mind

Man’s thoughts will always determine his actions. Our thoughts therefore should be positive, like Paul said in Philippians 4:8.

Anointed To Serve Part 2

Everyone on the road to the city of God must be a worker for God, because God does not recognize ordinary church members. So, what do we do in God’s vineyard

Anointed To Serve Part 1

Let’s face the fact, we are anointed to serve but how many Christians are serving. The man that labours for himself receives things that perish and at the end, death, for that is the portion of the man that live to satisfy himself.

In Satan’s World

How can you grow up with all the things you have learnt from the Devil and want to be a servant of the Lord? All manner of negative characteristics need to be washed off and new characters picked up from the word of God.

Character Upgrade

Perfection or proficiency in things doesn’t come easy or at once, it takes being taught, over time. It is the same with spiritual things.

Let The Best Come Out Of You

The ability to subdue one’s feelings or desires to wait for instructions from God is a form of maturity; and maturity is upgraded character being displayed.

The Spirit Behind Money

Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God.

The Church And Money

When you choose to seek wealth outside God, you are on dangerous grounds, because to God, you are now worshipping a demon.

Don’t Stay In Christian City

The Christian City is the antonym – opposite – of the city of God. It is our first contact with God, but it is not the last bus stop. We are expected to move forward in the knowledge of Christ, unto maturity (2Pet. 1:3-12). But the picture I see of the church is one of […]